Christina Linden

I'm Christina Linden, and I believe it is time for us to take back the school board for our students and for our families. For far too long, my opponent has failed to be accessible to our citizens, her constituents, and our students. When addressing the policies of this district, she has failed to ask:

Is this policy good for our students?
Is this policy good for our families?
Will this policy increase opportunities for our families and strengthen our community?

I will ask these questions every time we discuss an issue before the Board and with every vote of the board. Support for my campaign is support for the students, families, and people of San Marcos.



Christina has been married to Brian Linden for 15 years. Together, Christina and Brian are parents to Wesley a Freshman Football player at Mission Hills High School and Violet a 6th Grader at Woodland Park Middle School.

Community Volunteer

Christina spends her time volunteering in the San Marcos Community, for the School District, and on behalf of Student Leadership Development Organizations Nationwide.

Community Leader

Christina has served as President of the Parent Teacher Organization at the schools her children attend here in San Marcos Unified School District. Christina has also served on the National Board of a Not-For-Profit Leadership Alumni Organization.

My Platform

Our Students Come First It is time for the kind of change that commits to responsible revenue spending and funding that places the instruction of students over that of the special interests who support my opponent.
Families need support to increase participation: not barriers to entry The families of our students are partners in the instructional experiences. Classroom instruction is only one part of the learning equation. Parents must be able to easily access materials, support, and communication tools to partner with a student's teacher for successful learning.

Our School Board, Administration, Support Staff, and Teachers should all be given the authority and permission to provide parents with supportive and logistical access for parents in a way that is meaningful and easy to use.

We need to increase our use of readily available technology so that parents, students, and family members can choose to be an active part of a student's learning environment and experiences.
Teachers need REAL Support in our District EVERY teacher, administrator, and staff member in this School District should be supported by our School Board with a voice in the creation and implementation of curriculum regardless of their chosen affiliations.

Our teachers are the best analyzers of school, curriculum, and instructional needs. We need to provide for increased communications with each individual teacher to formulate a working budgetary plan that will best meet the needs of our students.